Immunize your bag!

You should spray a protective spray on all of your bags as soon as you receive them: Whether they are leather or suede, all bags need to be protected from moisture before they are used. If you need water proofing, ask us which one to use. (Stay away from substances based on oil).

Clean and protect your bag by applying a soft cloth, not directly on it. Maintain the leather’s softness and resilience by applying protector every three to four weeks.


Whenever possible, don’t overfill your evening bag or handbag, since this can place stress on the seams, fastenings, and straps and ruin the shape. Keeping the load reasonable is very important.

Leathers with a light color should be treated with extreme caution – dye and denim can (and possibly will) rub off onto the leather without an easy way to remove them. Color-fast denim should always be worn.

In too long contact with spotlights, fluorescent lamps, etc., the leather on a white handbag will begin to turn yellow.

If you apply foundation, perfume, body cream or hand cream to your bag, the leather will get stained.

You should use a handbag hook, not the floor, to hang your bag. Leather is likely to be scratched by any rough surface.

A leather product should not be submerged in water. Wet leather handbags should be wiped off immediately and allowed to air dry. Blowing a bag dry is never a good idea.

It is possible for dirt to accumulate in the chain links on your bag’s handle, causing it to come off. This can be avoided if you use a small tooth brush or corner of a soft cloth to clean the chain. To avoid scratching leather or leaving indentations, you should always store the chain inside the bag.

Keep your brass and silverware fittings looking shiny by using a brass and silverware cleaner, Make sure none gets on your bag!

If your zips and fasteners have open teeth, run crayon lead over them to keep them running smoothly.


When storing bags, don’t hang them; they are best kept in the packing bags that they come with, standing upright or lying flat.

When storing your bag, it is best to stuff it with cloth or bubble wrap so that it keeps its shape. Don’t place light colors next to dark colours when storing your bag away when not in use as this can cause colour migration, which is irreversible.

Ensure that your bags are taken outside in the open regularly to prevent mildew and dust from forming.